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The Ten Character Commitments were created in

The Justus Love Corporation is built on a series of Ten Character Commitments: Compassion, the Spirit, Happiness, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Words, Integrity, Being Humble, Courage, and Confidence. It is the duty of each employee to solemnly pledge a connection to themselves and others, upholding the Ten Character Commitments to better their quality of life. Founder, Stacy Snapp-Killian, created the Ten Character Commitments more than twenty years ago,after admitting to a counselor she was sexually abused when she was nine years old. A survivor of sexual abuse suppression herself, it is Stacy’s mission to continually impact the lives of millions.

JustUS™ was created
MAY 8, 2013

The Justus Love Corporation, commonly known as JustUS® is an inspirational, multi-media company and the infotainment headquarters for survivors of sexual abuse and sexual abuse suppression. We are the only brand in the world created for survivors of this movement, and we encourage heroes to “pray it out, write it out, and speak it out.” JustUS® was founded May 8, 2013 as The Justus Love Corporation and has established itself as the leading multi-media business at the forefront of society. The ultimate goal of the company is to remove the stigma society has placed on individuals who have been sexually abused, and educate those affected by sexual abuse suppression by inspiring them to become survivors with a voice, thereby creating a legacy for the JustUS® brand.


The first JustUS® logo was created in

The original JustUS® logo was created in 2013 by award-winning graphic designer Julie Zavala. She created the artwork as a gift for StacyK after sharing her dream with Zavala during a visit to the salon.

The JustUS® YouTube® Channel for Survivors created on
October 26, 2014

JustUS® created a YouTube® channel on October 26, 2014 to share the stories of its heroes. The channel is a online destination where advocates and survivors can encourage one another to overcome the social stigma imposed on victims of sexual abuse. The Justus Love Corporation unites informative, inspirational individuals to share their truths concerning sexual abuse and recognize the effects the sexual abuse episode(s) had on their lives from adolescence into adulthood. 

Documentation of Registration was created
November 26,2014

On November 26, 2014, the Documentation of Registration for the corporation was filed with the Writers Guild protecting the intellectual property and conceptual ideas created by CEO and Founder, Stacy Snapp-Killian.

Certificate of Formation was created
October 2, 2015

The Certificate of Formation was granted from the Texas Secretary of State, making JustUS® a for-profit franchise. This is a special type of corporation created through the IRS tax election to avoid double taxation, and it is considered by law to be a unique entity, separate and apart from those who own it.

As the founder of the company, Stacy Snapp-Killian authorized the complete start-up and financial responsibility, out-of-pocket, making the corporation completely debt free.Owning 100 shares of the corporation, it is Snapp-Killian’s sole responsibility to seek investors and to attain a fortune 500 status by the year 2025.

 The company’s revenue goal of $210 billion will be generated over the next 10 years.

The new JustUS® logo was created
January 2016

The JustUS® logo was re-created in 2016 by graphic artist Alex Borman. The founder of The Justus Love Corporation wanted a hidden message placed inside the logo using the additional space to convey a subliminal message and incorporate the word “sex.” After working for 11 months on the project, the word “sex” was placed inside the logo but when shared on social media, fans discovered the word “His” hidden inside the logo instead. This was simple yet effective, considering the name JustUS® was discovered through prayer and the Scripture from Colossians 4:11. The Justus Love Corporation believes God had another message in mind for the new image, and revealed His work in the logo instead.  

S Corporation election accepted by IRS on
February 1, 2016

On February 1, 2016, the IRS accepted CEO and Founder Stacy Snapp-Killian’s corporate election, making The Justus Love Corporation an S Corporation.

The company provides a wide variety of merchandise including, books, devotionals, T-shirts, and jewelry, but they also offer video production service for survivors' of sexual abuse. They are a direct-to-consumer brand and sell products and/or services that all signify a confident survivor. Many months were devoted to creating the perfect designs and scripts for their products. Products were created for survivors' to share with their fans, family and friends. Video Production Services were created for many purposes in today's business world, but mainly to inform, entertain, educate and promote a specific survivor by using a narrative look at their business success and company's message.

 *Everyone can wear their merchandise.



 Trademark registration began
June 20, 2016

On June 20, 2016, the trademark registration process began in Houston, Texas with attorney, L. Jeremy Craft of Craft Chu PLLC to identify the services to be performed under the JustUS® brand. Specific services include, but are not limited to, educational services, namely conducting classes, sexual abuse seminars, conferences, and workshops in the fields of sexual abuse memory suppression and distribution of course materials and merchandise in connection with The Justus Love Corporation.

Supplemental provisions/information applying to trademark law, and which are the intellectual property and conceptual ideas owned by The Justus Love Corporation are specifically listed with the United States Patent/Trademark Office and are as follows:

The Justus Love Corporation offers media production services for television and Internet, providing entertainment information via websites and web pages that provide online and network-affiliated interviews with individuals, celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other noteworthy survivors.

They offer education, namely for adult survivors who have been sexually abused and/or suppressed. The education provides live and online videos, courses, seminars, and workshops relating to the field of sexual abuse and brings awareness to sexually suppressed victims. The classwork brings awareness to sexually suppressed victims, using areas of self-enrichment and spirituality through the stories of adult survivors and advocates of such. Their educational and informative services utilize the entertainment industry, namely a continuing program featuring sexual abuse suppression survivors sharing with viewer’s inspiration through stories of spirituality, religion, and faith supportive of their well-being. They present this via several multimedia platforms, including television, satellite, audio, video, web-based applications, podcasts, and all forms of print, including books, magazine articles, newspaper, booklets, and press releases. For entertainment, a continuing series of taped and live events provide educational and motivational speakers in the field of spirituality, self-enrichment, and wellness to the body, mind, and soul.



The JustUS® avatar was created
July 12, 2016

The concept of the JustUS® avatar is to visually empower others by reflecting a confident person with genuine character traits. Award-winning graphic designer Rachel Doehrman created the avatar as a “real-me” to relate to a survivors ability to express his or her true self.


Company is subdivided 
March 2017

The Justus Love Corporation announces JUSTUSBiopix™, 30-minute short films of self-discovery, a next-level platform for their multimedia company. Annually, they travel around the United States filming with 8 survivors whose journeys will help motivate the life of someone looking to be inspired. Each story begins with the same general theme of sexual abuse but ends with the different “life lessons” the survivor shares.

JUSTUSBiopix™ are free! It’s the company's way of investing in those who they believe will make the greatest impact on victims of sexual abuse. Each year they search for survivors with unique careers, nonprofits, corporations, businesses, and volunteer work created to make a difference in the world.