Ask Yourself…Does My Mind Run on Positive Energy?

Deciding to run your life with positive energy is a choice, and you must consciously be aware of your surrounding at all time.

While most people think of their house as just a place to live, it is one of the biggest influencers of their happiness. Your home is the energy that surrounds you and the window to your soul. Those things in your possession, and what you live with -- just how important are they to your happiness?

I believe everything, including the color of the walls and the paintings that adorn them define who you are -- From closets to drawers, upstairs and downstairs, ever light bulb and electronic. Everything has energy and your spirit reacts to those things.

Everything around you will either nourish or drain you, so it’s important to become aware of the influence those goods have on you.

Your own mind may not like this idea because there is often a degree of internal resistance when it comes to taking responsibility for your own environment. But, the truth is that you get to decide how you live, where you live, and your own feelings. I know it doesn’t always feel like you have a choice, but you do. While it’s a lot easier to believe your life is beyond your control, the truth is you are the biggest influence in your own life.

The body reacts to everything it is encompassed with, so I strongly encourage you to become aware of your environment.

Realize your quality of life depends largely on your happiness and how you feel. Maintaining your home will energize you and have an immediate effect on your well-being. Happiness is so interesting because we all have different ideas concerning how to achieve it. But, I believe in these five C’s to maintaining your element:

CLUTTER - If you’ve been in a funk, it might be time to clear out the junk! Go through a cluttered room and decide what you need and what you don’t. This is a great way to free yourself of unwanted stress. All that “stuff” piled up around you can make you feel crazy or out-of-control. So, have a garage sale and make some extra cash. Or give it all away and help someone who needs it more. Both choices are a win-win, and you get organized.

CONSTRUCTION - Time to repair and patch things up! A hole in the wall can be the biggest reminder of what’s been put off in your life. That’s right. When doors are stuck, hinges get old, the trim around you starts to peel away, and walls crack, it’s important to rehabilitate. Go through your home thoroughly and fix the common flaws in your living space. This will make you feel less stressed and fulfilled again. It’s wise to check out your surroundings and do what needs to be done to make you feel in control of your life.

COLOR - There is no better way to let your light shine than by illuminating your life! Dark walls can make you feel depressed, and a home with all the lights out and curtains drawn shuts out your world to others. It’s important to use your imagination to accent the room, and color is a great way to light it up.  There are colors that make people feel welcomed, hungry, and calm, so use them to connect with people. Then, throw up the blinds, and let the spotlight shine.

COMFORT - Count your Blessings! Depending on who you live with, how comfortable your furniture is, and what type artwork you have up; first and foremost count your blessings. A good habit should be to make everyone recognize the things that encompass the home -- feel grateful for these purchases. You get to decide what you like and don’t like, which means you choose what occupies your space.  Therefore, making sure to be thankful for every last piece of stuff you own gives you a sense of relief.  Gratitude helps the attitude!

CHARISMA - Certain humans have this unique quality that draws people to them. Surround yourself with the people you love.  Photographs of your family, framed achievements, and snapshots of your friends should occupy your space and make it attractive.  Part of being able to relax and unwind means you have a spirit-filled home filled with memories of those you trust.



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Stacy Snapp-Killian is an entrepreneur, author, hairstylist, and public speaker. She holds an impressive resume as a recognized member of The Women’s Leadership Movement. She is the personal stylist for Women That Soar Media, providing services to celebrities and talent for events and televised award shows.  Stacy has volunteered thousands of hours mentoring adult survivors of sexual abuse suppression, and she has empowered hundreds of men and women to share their story of sexual abuse. Through this process, she has authored two books, Be Beautiful Being You, and her most recent release, The Ten Character Commitments. She is a columnist for two magazines including The One Bride Guide and her “Sit Down with StacyK” advice column is featured in the award-winning GC Magazine. Her columns inspire adults to live their truth through her Ten Character Commitments. To find out more about Stacy, visit


Ask Yourself…Does My Mind Run on Positive Energy?


On December 24, 2016 Janay wrote:
Just an obarivsteon:
Just an obarivsteon: Hovis is like the out-takes of John Boorman's 'Days of Hope': only it's more tediously stlylised and utterly predictable. Typical adland bollocks, in other words.

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