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Director of Restoration House Ministries, Theresa Klacman

Survivor of sexual abuse and director of Restoration House Ministries, Theresa Klacman began her ministry as a desire to help women get off drugs and alcohol. Watch her sit down with StacyK and share her story of sexual abuse. She opens up about how suppressing the abuse led to physical sickness and a cry for help. But after finally finding the courage to tell her mother about the abuse her stepfather was inflicting on her, the family still chose to stay together. This decision forced Theresa to her bedroom, where she isolated herself to keep from the perpetrator, but he still found a way to violate her and physically abuse her. After experiencing the transforming reality of what surrendering your life to Christ can do, Theresa shares with you the ministry she built from the pain of her past.

Now,as the director of Restoration House Ministries, she created a safe place for young, pregnant women with nowhere to go and offers an alternative for abortions, while sheteaches women how to live free from drugs and alcohol.

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Director of Restoration House Ministries, Theresa Klacman

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