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Dr. Regina Spellmon

Dr. Regina Spellmon is a survivor of sexual abuse, an ordained minister of the gospel, the founder and visionary behind Regina Spellmon Ministries, and the senior pastor of Ambassadors Today. Watch as she sits down with StacyK and opens up about who she thought was the “man of her dreams.”A native of Illinois, Dr. Spellmon was born on a dining room table, in the small house where she lived with her mother and aunts. Growing up independent with strong women surrounding her, watch as she takes us back to the truth of her childhood and explains how her mother lied about who her real father was until she was fifteen years old. Feeling the need to meet this man, she headed to Chicago for the journey of her life and encountered a moment that would change her forever.

Dr. Spellmon holds a doctorate in theology from Slidell Baptist Seminary and a master of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is best known for her unique ability to present God's Word in a way that reaches everyone.

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Dr. Regina Spellmon

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