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Jodie Webb Founder of Colors of Hope

Jodie Webb had been waiting her whole life to open up and be honest about her childhood. Watch her “Sit Down with StacyK” and openly talk about being sexually abused since she was an infant. As the abuse carried over into her adolescence from ages 7 to 12, she found herself being sex trafficked at a rodeo. Jodie offers us a story of determination and willpower that will touch your heart and make you rethink “trading money for sex.”

Growing up as a child with a rodeo and ranch background, Jodie brazenly talks about being traded for sex so horses could be shoed, hay could be purchased, and rodeo entry fees could be paid … at her body’s expense.

Now a women of God, a mother of two, healed, restored, and having forgiven the past that once robbed her of her childhood, she is the founder of Colors of Hope, a nonprofit ministry dedicated to rebuilding the lives of girls who have been sexually abused and sex trafficked through an equine program she designed to take back power over her life and rebuild the self-esteem of girls who were once just like her.

Want to share your story of sexual abuse survival? Please visit -Sit Down with StacyK

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Jodie Webb Founder of Colors of Hope

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