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Mary Banos

Mary Banos, author of the book Uplifting One Life at a Time: The Power of Encouragement, sits down with StacyK to talk about being sexually abused throughout her childhood and how she learned to say, “No” at such a young age.


Watch as she brings light to the mental and emotional abuse she had to endure once the sexual abuse stopped.


Mary also opens up about her depression and shares with us how she contemplated suicide during her teenage years but continued to find the strength she needed to live because of her faith and close relationship with God.


Mary wants survivors of sexual abuse to know that words of affirmation are your greatest strength, and she inspires us to talk about self-encouragement.


She believes we should speak greatness about ourselves and discover the five things that make us the unique individuals we are.


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Mary Banos


On January 22, 2018 Dana wrote:
Love This
Mary Banos! You are such an encouragement!

Thank you StacyK!

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