The True Meaning of a Gift.


Gifts … what are they? The definition of a gift, according to Merriam-Websteris “a thing given to someone without payment or recognition; a natural ability or talent.” Holy Scripture, according to Psalms 139:13, says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.”

As the holiday season fast approaches, it occurs to me that some of us don’t understand the term “gift” and would rather buy it, wrap it, and send it to loved ones. But that’s not how we were intended to give to one another, and if Christmas is truly about the gift of “Christ,” shouldn’t we understand the true meaning of the word “gift” itself? 

It seems there is a lesson to be learned here, and to clear this all up let me first start with what a gift isn’t. If you owe someone money and pay that individual back, it’s not a gift. If you borrow someone’s property and give it back, it’s not a gift. If you wrongfully talk bad about someone and do that person’s character a disservice and then pretend to be that person’s friend that is certainly not a gift.


A gift is something you were created with, formulated just for you to share with someone else. Our gifts bless the lives of others and add abundance to their well-being. It is a volunteer transfer from one person to another, and it is a “present “graciously given, indeed.


This Christmas share yourself with those around you.Here are my gift-giving ideas you can’t buy.


Encouragement – This gift is evident in those who consistently call upon others to walk by faith. The word encouragement comes from the prefix en, which means “to put into” and the Latin root cor, which means “heart.” Knowing what a big difference it means in your life when others take the time to help you out, what can you do to lend someone a handwhen the going gets tough?

Words of wisdom – The fact that this gift is described as “words” indicates that it is a speaking gift. Someone who uses words can understand and speak in such a way that even though you may not seethe immediate results, when you share what you have learned from your past,it helpsothers. Knowledge is power when you use it. What have you learned from living, and how can others benefit from your experiences?

Discernment– Certain individuals possess the unique ability to determine the truth about another person’s life without ever talking to that individual. This gift is the method used to decipher between truths and lies. When applied, its intent is to protect people from making wrong choices or bad decisions. While we should always hear a person out, ultimately it is our intuition that needs to lead our life. How might you be honestabout your feelings and helpful in a moment of guidance?

Leadership – This gift gives you the ability to help people achieve the things they believe they can’t do. You become a coach or a mentor, and whenever possible get satisfaction from lifting others up. You may have to help set boundaries or get others organized, but you’re good at this, and you know when you’re in the zone. The important thing here is to live by example. How might you consciously challenge yourself to inspire others?


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Stacy Snapp-Killian is an entrepreneur, author, hairstylist, and public speaker. She holds an impressive resume as a recognized member of The Women’s Leadership Movement. She is the personal stylist for Women That Soar Media, providing services to celebrities and talent for events and televised award shows.  Stacy has volunteered thousands of hours mentoring adult survivors of sexual abuse suppression, and she has empowered hundreds of men and women to share their story of sexual abuse. Through this process, she has authored two books, Be Beautiful Being You, and her most recent release, The Ten Character Commitments. She is a columnist for two magazines including The One Bride Guide and her “Sit Down with StacyK” advice column is featured in the award-winning GC Magazine. Her columns inspire adults to live their truth through her Ten Character Commitments. To find out more about Stacy, visit


The True Meaning of a Gift.


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they know how it's going to turn out is lying, either to you or to this vexes. The one thing I can say is that what eventually shakes out will be a better deal than what there is now.

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