Do Our Thoughts Create Our Life?


Trillions of cells make up the human body and most of them contain the genes and other information needed to build a human being.

The nucleus or core of a cell contains a “control center,” and this is where all the information about you genetically is kept. The nucleus stores its genetic material in chromosomes and depending on the amount of X or Y; they determine a person’s sex.

Each chromosome is made up of genes containing information to make up the other parts of the body such as proteins and the structure of organs. These are the building blocks into the body’s chemical functions. But, strategically we were designed with a specific goal in mind and that is to perform the unique task of “living.”

Our bodies move, breath, and reproduce like a functioning machine. But, like a temple that has resurrected, its the individuals job is to maintain and care for the body. So, how do we do that to the fullest of our ability and find favor in living? Through the chemistry of the body -- the most important of all ingredients, often overlooked and not focused on so ornately, the spirit.

Yes, the Spirit.

Your well-being depends on your spirituality, not religiosity. It’s about your free will to choose how to live, eat, interact, and care for your body. Your good nature and endearing qualities make up the body and its true identity. The greatest formula in all the world pertaining to the human body is its character traits and the blessings and good fortune that rain down upon it. I believe a person can feel healthy, but only if they think healthy and try and incorporate the below changes into their life..

So, how do you engage your spirit and let your light shine? Here are a few tips to living a healthy, happy, long life:

Be confident - It’s important that you know your strengths and weakness and accept them as a part of who you are. So, learning to express your emotions and opinion in a positive way makes the body feel good. It allows you to know yourself and express your thoughts. Confidence is a key character commitment because the way you think of yourself is crucial. I say this because each thought we possess has an effect on our behaviors. Our thoughts create energy, both positive and negative. Therefore, your opinion of yourself is very important because your opinions will become your thoughts and your thoughts will become your actions.

Exercise your mind - Just like your body, your mind needs movement. It is essential that you keep your mind sharp. Reading is a fantastic way to strengthen your mind. Not only are you using your brain during this process, but you’re also learning new things at the same time. Stretch the mind using crossword puzzles, watching documentaries, or taking part in different quizzes. These will help you expand your knowledge and memory. Get ahold of a dictionary and learn a new word every week and you will grow in intellect!

Invest in nurturing relationships - This is an important part of our emotional well-being. Your family and friends and those you associate yourself with make up the energy around you. Think of how much better you feel when you share your experiences with someone you care about, or when they open up and share theirs with you. People, places, and things make us feel like we’re building energy. It rejuvenate us and helps us do our best work. But, there also are people and places that zap your energy and leave you exhausted. So, invest yourself into empowering relationships and make everyone feel valued.

Yoga is union - Yoga is a fantastic way to make sure you stay balanced and energized. It’s a program designed to incorporate physical exercises along with breathing and relaxation techniques. Spirit literally means breath, so what better way than to use your spirit and learn to breathe correctly. It’s important your body feel aligned at all times, so how you position or carry yourself is important at all times. When the mind and body practices this technique frequently, its ability to reduce stress and boost well-being offers wide-ranging physical health benefits that rival other forms of exercise.

Pray and Believe - When you wake up in the morning, before you start the day, pray. Prayer is a way of speaking to your inner spirit and connecting to the presence of God, who lives within. Believing in a power higher than your own shows gratitude to the universe and recognizes there’s more to you than just the body and mind you maintain. Achieving any kind of happiness in your life requires asking for it and believing you are worthy of it, so the best way to start the day is to maintain a positive attitude through prayer.


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Stacy Snapp-Killian is an entrepreneur, author, hairstylist, and public speaker. She holds an impressive resume as a recognized member of The Women’s Leadership Movement. She is the personal stylist for Women That Soar Media, providing services to celebrities and talent for events and televised award shows.  Stacy has volunteered thousands of hours mentoring adult survivors of sexual abuse suppression, and she has empowered hundreds of men and women to share their story of sexual abuse. Through this process, she has authored two books, Be Beautiful Being You, and her most recent release, The Ten Character Commitments. She is a columnist for two magazines including The One Bride Guide and her “Sit Down with StacyK” advice column is featured in the award-winning GC Magazine. Her columns inspire adults to live their truth through her Ten Character Commitments. To find out more about Stacy, visit




Do Our Thoughts Create Our Life?


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