Your Wedding Day is a Moment you Need to Embrace.

As a hairstylist, one of the things I am passionate about is capturing the beautiful look of a bride on her wedding day. 

I love to create the hairstyle that fits the look of her gown and the overall theme of the wedding. I love being behind the chair and creating memories with the people around, watching while in the salon as everyone gathers to prepare for the day. And, my favorite thing about working with a bride on her wedding day, is the unique opportunity to make her look and feel beautiful for the moment she says, ‘I do.’

There is something about getting your hair and makeup done that boost your self-esteem. When it comes down to it, we’re all made with our own unique beauty that goes way beyond what commercials and magazine ads present to us. Being the bride on your wedding day is a moment you can embrace and let it be known that you look beautiful.  This is one day your confidence from within can shine for all to see, and everyone will look at you and think, ‘Wow, she is beautiful.’

When gathering at the salon for your special day, embrace your beauty and don’t be afraid to feel glamorous!

This is the most special day in any woman’s life, and while it can be nerve-racking, be sure to choose bridesmaids who support your decisions, a color scheme that compliments your aurora, and a hair stylist you trust.

That last part should be repeated, a hair stylist you trust is a must!  Nothing else matters.

Here’s some helpful tips to make you feel beautiful on your wedding day:

Choosing A Glam Team Just because someone claims to be a hairstylist does not mean they are a makeup artist.  Most of the time, it's best to select one of each.  Brides, the first appointment you make is referred to as a trial run.  Book this appointment immediately so you have enough time to decide if you like the hair stylist and makeup artist who will be working for you.  It’s important to find a hair stylist and makeup artist who will fit with your family and friends and who will make you feel comfortable on your wedding day. When you decided who will be a part of your “glam team,” schedule your appointments for a trial run, your bridal portraits, and wedding day, ASAP. Be sure to block off a minimum of four hours with each of the professionals and don’t worry, as the big day approaches, you can call the salon and fill in the requested time slots with the names of the other people in your party.

The Perfect Look Your first appointment is the perfect time to share your vision and ideas.  You should bring photos you have collected that show different styles that you like, as well as photos of your dress.  If you’re planning to wear a veil or hair accessories, be sure and take these items with you.

A Signature Style Don’t be so particular with one set style.  Hair textures are different and often times the picture you select are misleading.  Hair extensions and other techniques are added to models hair during photo shoots to make their hair appear fuller, so trust your hairstylist to make your hair style compliment your hair and the overall theme of your wedding.  A good hairstylist will know how to do this and suggest hair extensions should you need fuller, thicker, or longer hair for the perfect style. 

A Flawless Face Less is more when it comes to makeup! Always make your face appear soft and happy. Lots of makeup and heavy eyes on your wedding day make you feel unbalanced and not like your usual self. So, while it’s important to accent certain areas, don’t be afraid to add false eyelashes and lip liner for the big day. Your makeup artist should have tips for accentuating certain facial features to make them stand out without caking on the makeup!

The Big Day Make sure your maid-of-honor knows it’s her job to call the salon two weeks before the big day to discuss providing mimosas, danishes, and a cheese and cracker tray for the bridal party.  More than likely, your appointments will begin in the morning, and most brides and their family have the munchies.  Some salons provide these services at your request, and others will allow you to bring in the treats for your bridal party.

Be Prepared The most commonly asked question I get most from brides is, ‘Should I wash my hair before my visit to the salon?’  That depends largely on your hair type and the type of style you want.  If your hair is normal, and if you are planning for an updo, then it is best to wash your hair the night before your wedding day.   The natural oils in your hair allow it to hold curl longer and make it more manageable for the hair stylist when creating your wedding day look. So, most of the time, the hair stylist will ask you to wash the night before to allow the hair to build up its own natural oils.   


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Stacy Snapp-Killian is an entrepreneur, author, hairstylist, and public speaker. She holds an impressive resume as a recognized member of The Women’s Leadership Movement. She is the personal stylist for Women That Soar Media, providing services to celebrities and talent for events and televised award shows.  Stacy has volunteered thousands of hours mentoring adult survivors of sexual abuse suppression, and she has empowered hundreds of men and women to share their story of sexual abuse. Through this process, she has authored two books, Be Beautiful Being You, and her most recent release, The Ten Character Commitments. She is a columnist for two magazines including The One Bride Guide and her “Sit Down with StacyK” advice column is featured in the award-winning GC Magazine. Her columns inspire adults to live their truth through her Ten Character Commitments. To find out more about Stacy, visit




Your Wedding Day is a Moment you Need to Embrace.

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