Survivor Stories


“I hate myself every day. I look in the mirror, and I see this 255-pound overweight girl I swore I would never be.” -Tonya[...]


“Then, as I got older, he would attempt to have sex with me, but it would hurt so bad that he’d never complete the task telling me my mom could fu[...]


“I labelled myself a whore, drug addict, and alcoholic who hid all these things. My family didn't know any of this, and on Sundays I was always in c[...]


“I once played the victim and liked for people to feel sorry for me and used my past in this way, but now that is never the case.” -Neeca[...]


“The argument ended with us making out on my bed. Eventually, he pinned my arms down above my head, and he held me against my will. He started tryin[...]


“I became pregnant out of wedlock. Drugs and alcohol took over my life, and I found myself in and out of physically abusive relationships. Honestly,[...]


“I struggle inside. I try to build good relationships with my daughters, family, and friends, but the truth is when I get to drinking I can’t stop[...]


“As a child, I seemed to always be in trouble, and when I got into trouble I was whipped, not just by my dad's belt but by a lasso, extension cord, [...]


“There are many things I need to let go off. Bad experiences, bad relationships, bad decisions. I’ve allowed them to build up inside me and now th[...]


God’s timing is perfect. I know this, and it’s a process of time and patience to gain back what I have lost and acknowledge what I have been throu[...]


“I want you to know I’m writing it to bring awareness to mothers everywhere. They should always protect their children and never leave them in the[...]