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The Justus® Love Corporation

P.O. Box 5433
Victoria Texas 77903
CEO/Founder Stacy Snapp-Killian

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Publicist/ Isabell Rossignol

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Contact: Shearly Marvelous Hair Salon

Assistant: Tiffany Dominguez

5803 N. John Stockbauer Sut. P

Victoria, Texas 77904 p. 361-485-0587


The Justus® Love Corporation is a brand built for survivors' of sexual abuse suppression designed to encourage people to talk about sexual abuse and/or sexual abuse suppression. We do not provide you with counseling, therapy or any other emotional, mental, or physical need you may express. The information on our website is designed to provide general information related to our experiences as survivors' of sexual abuse suppression and our business formation around the world, including but not limited to: The Justus Love Corporation, Sit Down with StacyK, and salon visits with celebrity hairstylist StacyK. This information is presented with the understanding that The Justus Love Corporation and its affiliates will not engaged in rendering advice or any other duty maintained by professional services offered through others as needed. If counseling or other professional assistance is required, the services of a licensed professional person should be sought. Please, visit the GET HELP section on our website for future guidance should you need professional help concerning your past.