survivors' videos

Mary Banos

Mary Banos, author of the book Uplifting One Life at a Time: The Power of Encouragement[...]

Skye Sanchez

Volunteer ambassador of National AIDS Awareness Day, Skye Sanchez, sits down with StacyK in this exclusive interview to talk about her childhood[...]

Dr. Kat Smith Intimalogist

Intimalogist expert Dr. Kat Smith “sits down with StacyK” to talk about surviving childhood sexual abuse. Dr. Smith’s story begins at the age of[...]

Jodie Webb Founder of Colors of Hope

Jodie Webb had been waiting her whole life to open up and be honest about her childhood. Watch her “Sit Down with StacyK” and openly talk about be[...]

Owner of The Rustic Doghouse Spa, Donna Rivera

Donna Rivera, a survivor of sexual abuse suppression, sits down with StacyK in Goliad, Texas at the Presidio La Bahia, built in 1749, with her dog, Ar[...]

Dr. Regina Spellmon

Dr. Regina Spellmon is a survivor of sexual abuse, an ordained minister of the gospel, the founder and visionary behind Regina Spellmon Ministries, an[...]

Dr.Catrina Pullum

Dr. Catrina Pullum, aka The Chain Breaker,sits down with StacyK to talk about how she overcame the challenges that accompany sexual abuse.Her story in[...]

Director of Restoration House Ministries, Theresa Klacman

Survivor of sexual abuse and director of Restoration House Ministries, Theresa Klacman began her ministry as a desire to help women get off drugs and [...]

Mother of six children, Shonna Montfort

Survivor of sexual abuse Shonna Montfort speaks out about the vivid memories of her childhood. Once molested around the age of five by a sixty-year-ol[...]

Radiological technologist, Avis Smith

Avis Smith, a survivor of sexual abuse suppression, sits down with StacyK to share her story after sixty-two years of silence. Once abused by her step[...]

Recovered alcoholic, Britney Slayer

Sexual abuse survivor Brittany Slayer left behind everything, taking only a backpack with her, and traveled to Asia,where she lived for three years to[...]

Children’s book author, Alan Keith

Survivor of sexual abuse, Alan Keith,sits down with StacyK at the world-renowned Venetian room, located inside the Fairmount Hotel in Dallas, Texas. A[...]

CEO and Founder of The Justus Love Corporation, StacyK

Stacy Snapp-Killian, an advocate of sexual abuse suppression, sits down in the salon where she currently works making people beautiful from the inside[...]