Celebrity Hairstylist Launches new brand for Adult Survivors' of Sexual Abuse Suppression
Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2016


WORLDWIDE (2016) Stacy Snapp-Killian, known to many as celebrity hairstylist StacyK, launches the only brand in the world built for adult survivors of sexual abuse suppression. The Justus Love Corporation, commonly known as JustUS®,has one purpose here on Earth and that is to unite “informative, inspirational individuals™” who are survivors of sexual abuse suppression.

It is the mission of The Justus Love Corporation to create a legacy of cultural change in the United States. It aims to use positive reinforcement through the message of the stories and letters its survivors' have to tell. 

“Initially, I wanted to create an online destination for advocates and survivors to work with victims and motivate one another to overcome the social stigma associated with sexual abuse,” CEO/founder Stacy Snapp-Killian said. “But soon my clients and family were asking me the same question: ‘What is the best way to (re)educate a world that’s suppressing the truth about their childhood and believe it’s a coincidence they struggle with self-confidence, and how do you do this efficiently?”

After studying multiple websites to learn past and present statistics of sexual abuse, rape, and sexual assault, it dawned on StacyK to create a brand conveniently located at one’s fingertips with its own avatar, merchandise, and heroes.Thus, JustUS® was born. What better way to create change than to “flip the table” on the current attention sexual abuse receives?

The Justus Love Corporation offers entertainment media production services for television and Internet, providing information via websites and web pages that offeronline and network-affiliated interviews with individuals, celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other noteworthy survivors. It is also a direct-to-consumer brand and sells products that all signify spiritual protection and confidence. Products are created for survivors and their fans, family, and friends, but everyone can wear their merchandise. 

“We spent months creating the perfect designs and scripts for T-shirts and working with manufacturers to source quality materials,” StacyK said.

She funded The Justus Love Corporation with money she saved as a hairstylist and began creating the brand in November 2013.

“I remember the first time I went to social media and shared with viewers that I was going to design the first brand built for survivors of sexual abuse suppression,” she said “The comments started coming, and someone asked what I could do differently that hadn’t been tried before. I cried and thought to myself, this isn’t going to be easy, but my inbox started to fill with letters from victims, survivors, and advocates cheering me on, and of course, my family supported me every step of the way. When I began to realize that people were benefitting from my past and the hell I went through as a child, and knowing that I was becoming this confident, empowering adult who loves to help people, I knew JustUS® would become a household name.

StacyK said the most challenging aspect of launching JustUS® has been reaching potential investors. Most people don’t know that childhood sexual abuse effects millions of adults well into adulthood. Survivors fight against fear versus faith throughout their lives. 

“Trying to be a direct-to-consumer business involves heavy marketing and advertising,” StacyK said. “As a start-up, we have had to be strategic in our efforts, as we are talking about a fairly new concept when it comes to sexual abuse. Even though it’s been around for years, we are offering something unique and branding the words sexual abuse suppression to describe the after effects adults deal with as they grow into their careers and marriages.

“Educating the people of America about the truth of sexual abuse suppression has also been a challenge,” StacyK continued. “Just getting people to openly talk about the effects carried over into their adult years has been fairly easy.Most survivors want to share what they’ve overcome, to help others heal. However, victims still blame their perpetrator(s) and use self-medication because they are suppressed. Therefore, the challenge lies in the truth, and the public needs to be warned about this epidemic. Based on statics, every family in America is affected by sexual abuse suppression, and this is acause of obesity, over-the-counter medication abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, porn addictions, abortions, and a multitude of other character flaws.”

Sexual abuse suppression refers to the conscious mind’s way of keeping sexual abuse from publication or being made known. During an encounter of sexual abuse the victim is aware of the fear he or she is experiencing but chooses to mentally and emotionally detach from the pain. The victim deliberately chooses to push the memory of sexual abuse out of awareness because the person wants to avoid any responsibility for it. 

After working with hundreds of adult men and women who have suppressed the truth about their own sexual abuse, StacyK came to the theory that they all consciously knew something wrong had been done to them and felt the fear associated with the trauma, but did not have the vocabulary, education or sexual experience to articulate the incident properly and chose not to publish it. 

Stacy also discovered through survivors’ stories a misunderstanding between parent and/or caregiver and the adults who were once victims of the sexual abuse.In most cases they were informing someone of the encounters (e.g., “He’s mean to me,” “I do not like him,” “He’s hurting me,” or crying and begging not to stay in a particular place with the perpetrator). But again, without the proper education, sexual experience, or vocabulary needed to explain the act of sexual abuse, they became silent. 

Breakthroughs in brain science are helping The Justus Love Corporation better understand how scientists have made new discoveries over the past five years concerning the brain. “As of now, we believe a more accurate description of the effect sexual abuse has on a person into his or her adulthood is sexual abuse suppression”, says StacyK

As a company founded by an adult survivor of sexual abuse suppression aimed at adults who survived sexual abuse, StacyK believes that JustUS® is a way for millennials to unite with survivors and break the stigma associated with sexual abuse.

Everywhere you look, you can find beautiful inspiration on the JustUS® website at, through our Facebook page, blogs, magazine articles and a YouTube® channel dedicated to informative, inspirational, individuals™.

StacyK says,“While no doubt pleasing to the eye, this flood of visual stimuli will be the source that unites us all. You’re not alone if you’ve researched The Justus Love Corporation because we were built just for—us.”  

Media contact for The Justus Love Corporation