Founder of the JustUS® brand makes history on YouTube®
Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2016


WORLDWIDE (2016) Hairstylist/inspirational author Stacy Snapp-Killian, creator of the Ten Character Commitments, is set to release a series of video interviews with sexual abuse survivors'. 

The five-part series will feature men and women ages 26 to 62 who will share a message of not being defined by their pasts, but being inspired by integrity. The first story, which will be released at 7:00 p.m. CST on Friday, on Stacy’s YouTube channel, will tell the story of Alan Keith, the Dallas, Texas vice president of the Thompson Art Gallery and children’s book author of Andy the Little Seed Who Liked to Help.

Keith’s story begins when he was sexually assaulted by his stepbrother as a child and travels through years of self-hatred, alcoholism and drug abuse. The story ends with him stepping out from a veil of darkness to finally realizing that he doesn’t have to live as the “victim” anymore. 

Keith, who has only shared his story with close friends, said it was empowering to open up to StacyK.

 “Everyone should know this secret,” he said. “Sharing your story is not a cure, but it will help open your eyes to know that it’s not your fault.”

Speaking up, he said, allowed him to get out of the victim role and take back his life as a survivor would. 

Over the past 24 years, StacyK, a survivor of sexual abuse herself, has heard hundreds of stories from sexually abused survivors' from behind her salon chair. Founder of The Justus Love Corporation, she has used the power of social media to unite survivors all over the world. 

“Social media is something I use not just to socialize,” the Victoria, Texas resident said. 

StacyK said the series of videos will be one-on-one interviews between her and a survivor, where they will discuss overcoming sexual abuse and what it was like to suppress the trauma. 

For some of her guests, this will be the first time their message is shared. 

StacyK said she chose to start her series with Keith’s story because she wanted viewers to know sexual abuse also happens to men. 

“I thought it was very brave of him to step forward,” she said. “Also, I thought from a marketing and publicity standpoint, if you are going to do something that’s never been done before, go big or go home.”

StacyK said her hope for the series is for the shame and the stereotypes associated with sexual abuse to be disintegrated. 

“People spend more time talking about the abusers than the survivors,” she said. “I don’t! I share these stories of inspiration to motivate others to speak out. Survivors' aren’t victims anymore; they are heroes on my YouTube® channel.” 

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