Stacy Snapp-Killian appears in Fox News article

Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2016


When the FOX News website featured the article “The 4 Changes that Won Me $2 Million,” award-winning hairstylist/inspirational author Stacy Snapp-Killian was overwhelmed with the number of hits on her website.

WORLDWIDE Stacy Snapp-Killian, of Victoria, Texas, also known to many as StacyK, is CEO and founder of , a website that encourages sexually suppressed adults who have an episode of sexual abuse hidden away from their childhood to “pray it out, write it out, speak it out.”Her mission is simple: “to build a brand of successful survivors and remove the stigma attached to the words 'sexual abuse.'

“I support CASA, CPS and the justice system, which protects victims, and I also support registered sex offender programs and Family Watchdog, but if we are going to stop sexual abuse, then we need a movement of survivors. You should know the brand JustUS™ and instantly understand that the name stands for “saving the just.” When people can associate the word "survivor" with sexual abuse, they will see success!” -says StacyK.

On May 27, 2015, Entrepreneur Magazine published the article “The 4 Changes That Won Me $2 Million” by author Sumi Krishnan, CEO of K4 Solutions, which appeared on the FOX News website. After Krishnan interviewed Snapp-Killian about her take on success, the following passage and quote were included in Krishnan’s article:“I thought about Stacy Snapp-Killian, an entrepreneur, mother and member of the women’s leadership movement, who began Justus Love. I thought about how, when she was starting her business, her mother made her promise not to date for a year.”

“I didn’t understand this request until after fulfilling it,” Snapp-Killian says. “It meant sacrificing my weekends, but I was able to do so much with my extra time. In one year, my business grew into a YouTube series and social media buzz, and I published my first book.”

Krishnan’s article, written to motivate business entrepreneurs, listed Krishnan’s top four achievements that enabled her success. Her article urges any entrepreneur to strive for success, and the first step finishes with the following statement: “You can follow Snapp-Killian's lead and not date for a year or decide to do the exact opposite—prioritize dating and make your business secondary. The point is to align your daily mission with what’s most important to you in order to fulfill your individual definition of success.”

Snapp-Killian, who shares her childhood story of sexual abuse with millions of people, is the author of the pocket-sized devotional book, “Be Beautiful Being You,” which is the only book in the world that contains the 10 character commitments. You will learn that your past no longer defines you and to accept yourself with integrity. Snapp-Killian designed the book to be carried around or kept in the drawer of your office desk as a quick reference when dealing with everyday problems.

StacyK writes, “The stigma associated with sexual abuse stems from reporting the worst case scenario. Survivors' get labeled as poor, pitiful, nonbelieving, abandoned children who grew up in poverty with bad parents. But that’s not true at all. Survivors' are strong, intellectual, hardworking people. We are doctors, lawyers, authors, stay-at-home moms, counselors, and people of faith. It’s our mission to speak the truth about sexual abuse and become role models for children all over the world. We are not here to point the finger and blame anyone for our past; part of surviving is forgiving. But we do want people to know our past no longer defines us. As a matter of fact, it makes us the unique people we are. ”

Snapp-Killian believes the world needs to be re-educated about the truth of sexual abuse and plans to do just that. It is her mission to bring awareness and expose sexual abuse suppression in a way it’s never been reported before. Currently, she is seeking survivors’ stories to film for her YouTube® channel, celebrity endorsements, and corporate sponsors.

Full story: "The 4 Changes that Won me $2 Million"
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Alex Borman