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Many successful survivors of sexual abuse have a story to tell! Most of the time, the truth of who they are and how they determined their career is a part of their past, but because they do not know how to get this information in front of a large audience of people, they find themselves sharing their story only with those near them. This is why the Justus Love Corporation was created. We unite “informative, inspirational individuals” who are survivors of sexual abuse and give them a worldwide platform to bring awareness to sexual abuse suppression.

But first, it’s important to know who the people are that connect to the website. Most of them are victims looking to discover the root of their pain and find a way to take ownership of their past. They have an idea of their own story, but it’s hidden. Survivors have a lot of good advice when it comes to “who I am,” and JustUS® focuses on their remarkable integrity. Research proves people heal emotionally and become more self-confident through listening to the advice of others. It’s no surprise the impact these testimonies offer those who feel alone in their journey, and to hear about the tools a survivor used to better help them discover who they are is inspiring!

Secondly, it’s imperative that survivors understand that their message needs to be heard. Most of our survivors are now counselors, therapists, authors, teachers, volunteers, and businessmen and women leaders in their communities. And, even though sexual abuse can be defined in various terms such as sexual assault, rape, molestation, sex trafficking, or any other negative sexual insinuation you can conceive of, the synopsis of these stories is not bound to the difference in these categories. We believe that anyone at any given moment, through watching one of our survivors’ stories, could have that “aha” moment and discover their own truth through the guidance that’s given.

Every survivor’s story we produce, including survivors’ letters, blogs, press releases, and merchandise we provide on our website, sends forth a message of empowerment! We create what we love, and whether we are using pictures, adventure, inspiration, and even a laugh or two, it’s never a waste of time when pitching our concept to people. “Survivors are thrivers,” and they are strong, confident leaders.

In 2017, the Justus Love Corporation decided to create JUSTUSBiopix™, 30-minute short films of self-discovery, a next-level platform for our multimedia company. Annually, we travel around the United States filming with 8 survivors whose journeys will help motivate the life of someone looking to be inspired. Each story begins with the same general theme of sexual abuse but ends with the different “life lessons” the survivor shares. Knowledge is powerful, and when shared with others, it is wisdom well lived that will change the next generation.

JUSTUSBiopix™ is free! It’s our way of investing in those who we believe will make the greatest impact on those around them. We search for survivors with unique careers, nonprofits, corporations, businesses, and volunteer work created to make a difference in the world. But, before you leave this page and go share with someone our mission, please meet our production team and get to know who we are. It’s important to understand how our vision is helping to make a difference in the World.



Host, Executive Producer

Stacy Snapp-Killian founded the Justus Love Corporation in 2013, making the corporate brand JustUS® the first and only registered trademark in the world for survivors of sexual abuse, bringing awareness to sexual abuse suppression. She subdivided the company in 2017 making her the executive producer and host of JUSTUSBiopix™. JUSTUSbiopix™ features informative, short films portraying the unique careers of survivors of sexual abuse. These interviews reflect the strength of successful businessmen and women who have gained back power over their lives by taking ownership of their past. It is Stacy’s job to oversee the work of the producer and film crew on behalf of the studio, the financiers, and the distributors. She ensures the film is completed on time, within budget, and to agreed artistic and technical standards. Learn more about HerStory 


Film Director

Josh Speed is the film director for JUSTUSBiopix™ and has been working with The Justus Love Corporation since it was founded in 2013. He is no stranger to film production, as he started his career shortly after high school when he joined the Victoria Television Group, Newscenter 25, as the creative service editor and film production manager, where he has worked since 2012. Through the years Josh has worked with nonprofits, corporations, and individual political elections creating visual marketing campaigns on a local level, producing commercials, infomercials, safety videos, and marketing concept videos for well-known businesses such as CASA, Inteplast, Berry Plastics, United Way, and Citizens Medical Center. Josh’s dream is to direct television and film.


Unit Stills Photographer

Payton Wyatt is 16 years old and a senior at East High School in Victoria, Texas. Known for his love of photography, he began working for The Justus Love Corporation in 2016 as their events photographer, attending events with celebrity hairstylist StacyK, capturing her volunteer community support of nonprofit organizations and hosting national events. His career advanced in 2017 when he started working for JUSTUSBiopix™ as the unit stills photographer and began traveling with the film crew on location where they tape the stories of successful survivors of sexual abuse. His work has been featured on the front cover of Dallas-based magazine Living the Dream. Payton says he always wanted to be a photographer and dreams of being a cinematographer one day. 


Creative Artist, Web Manager

Alex Borman is a graphic designer specializing in logo design, branding, print, and web design services to clients of all sizes. He has an education in graphic design & visual communication and over 10 years of professional design experience. Alex excels in taking projects of all scopes and budgets and making them work within the constraints of the client while also having the impact and presence of a large agency campaign. Alex is the creator of The Justus Love Corporation’s registered trademark logo, JustUS®, and JUSTUSBiopix™. He is also the creative web director for the Justus Love website. When he is not designing and printing, he spends his time enjoying life with his wife, Kourtney, soaking up every type of media he can, while debating with whoever will listen about how great the ’80s and ’90s were.


Projects Manager

Tiffany Hale, a mother of three, has been a hairstylist for five years with Shearly Marvelous Salon. She is the personal assistant to StacyK and travels with her to retreats, book signings, and speaking engagements all over Texas. Her community involvement includes volunteering her time at the Victoria Livestock Show, Warrior’s Wives Retreats, and the Victoria Professional Express Network. She gifts children with special needs in the Miss Sparkle Pageant as their personal hairstylist. Tiffany’s passion is for children of all ages. She excels in organizational skills and professionalism and is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Her dream is to build a house in the country for her family and someday retire as a hairstylist, who also works as a motivational speaker traveling the world. Tiffany is the JUSTUSbiopix™ project manager in charge of the planning and execution of all filming projects involving the Justus Love Corporation.