To remove the stigma society has placed on those individuals who have been sexually abused, and educate those effected by sexual abuse suppression by teaching them to become survivors with a voice, thereby creating a legacy for the JustUS® brand.

The Justus Love Corporation offers media production services for television and Internet, providing entertainment information via websites and web pages that provide online and network-affiliated interviews with celebrities, women in business, buisnessmen, non-profit presidents, community leaders and other noteworthy survivors.

We offer education, namely for adult survivors who have been sexually abused and/or suppressed. The education provides live and online videos, courses, seminars, and workshops relating to the field of sexual abuse and bringsawareness to sexually suppressed victims. The classwork brings awareness to sexually suppressed victims, using areas of self-enrichment and spirituality through the stories of adult survivors and advocates of such. Our educational and informative services utilizethe entertainment industry, namely a continuing program featuring sexual abuse survivors sharing with viewer’s inspiration through stories of spirituality, religion, and faith supportive of their well-being. We present thisviaseveral multimedia platforms including television, satellite, audio, video, web-based applications, podcasts, and all forms of print, including books, magazine articles, newspaper, booklets, and press releases. For entertainment, a continuing series of taped and live events provide educational and motivational speakers in the field of spirituality, self-enrichment, and wellness to the body, mind, and soul.

The Justus Love Corporation is built on a series of Ten Character Commitments: Compassion, the Spirit, Happiness, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Words, Integrity, Being Humble, Courage, and Confidence. It is the duty of each employee to solemnly pledge a connection to themselves and others, upholding the Ten Character Commitments to better their quality of life.

To unite “informative, inspirational individuals” who are survivors of sexual abuse and bring awareness to sexual abuse suppression.

CEO/founder of The Justus Love Corporation, Stacy Snapp-Killian, follows the teachings of a man named Jesus, known as “The Christ.” Written in Holy Scripture, Matthew 7:7, Jesus teaches his disciples to “ask, seek, and knock.” Stacy “asked” for the name of her business, and then she “sought” the answer. Obsessed with finding a name that best describes her intellectual property and conceptual idea she began paying attention to every word that crossed her path. Four weeks after her prayer, while sitting in church reading through scriptures, Colossians 4:11 (KJV) said, “And Jesus, which is called Justus, who are of my circumcision. These only are my fellow workers unto the Kingdom of God, and are a comfort unto me.” 

Immediately, she had an answer to her request, and wrote along the side page of her Bible Justus Love.

“To bring education to every person in the world through survivors’ stories of inspiration.”

We provide a wide variety of merchandise including books, devotionals, T-shirts, journals, and jewelry. We are a direct-to-consumer brand and sell products that all signify spiritual protection and confidence. Many months have been devoted to creating the perfect designs and scripts for our products. We outsource with various manufacturers to ensure quality products that are educational, inspirational, and empowering. Products are created for survivors and their fans, family, and friends.

*Everyone can wear our merchandise.

"A state in which the conscious mind keeps sexual abuse from publication or being made known.”

Sexual abuse refers to any action that pressures someone to do something sexually he or she does not want to do. It is any sort of nonconsensual sexual contact. This happens to men or women of any age. Sexual abuse can include derogatory name-calling, manipulation, deliberately causing unwanted physical pain during sex, and/or rape. It is unwanted sexual activity with anyone using force, making threats, or taking advantage of you without your consent. Sexual abuse is the term victims use to describe their past sexual experience if it was not consensual. Sexual abuse can involve treating someone with cruelty once or multiple times.

Sexual abuse suppression refers to the conscious mind’s way of keeping sexual abuse from publication or being made known.During an encounter of sexual abuse the victim is aware of the fear he or she is experiencing but chooses to mentally and emotionally detach from the pain.The victim deliberately chooses to push the memory of sexual abuse out of awareness because the person wants to avoid any responsibility for it. 

Stacy Snapp-Killian is the founder of the movement since 2013, she has studied what scientists have recently learned about the brain and the way it works. Her hypothesis is, “We experience sexual abuse in a conscious state of mind but choose to suppress it.”

After years of research on the effects that carry over into the victim’s adolescence and adulthood, she was led back to her own childhood memory, and the fear, guilt, and shame she continually experienced because of the sexual trauma.

After working with hundreds of adult men and women who have suppressed the truth about their own sexual abuse, she came to the theory that they all consciously knew something wrong had been done to them and felt the fear associated with the trauma, but as children they did not have the vocabulary, education, or sexual experience to articulate the incident properly and chose not to publish it.

Stacy also discovered through survivors’ stories a misunderstanding between the parent and/or caregiver and the adults who were once victims of the sexual abuse.In most cases they were informing someone of the encounters (e.g.,“He’s mean to me,” “I do not like him,” “He’s hurting me,” or crying and begging not to stay in a particular place with the perpetrator).But again, without the proper education, sexual experience, or vocabulary needed to explain the act of sexual abuse, as children, they became silent.

Breakthroughs in brain science are helping The Justus Love Corporation better understand how scientists have made new discoveries over the past five years concerning the brain. As of now, we believe a more accurate description of the effect sexual abuse has on a person into his or her adulthood is sexual abuse suppression.

Yes. Sexually suppressed adults link emotions to fear, and articulate episodes of sexual abuse in forms of nightmares. Hiding from the emotion brought on from childhood sexual abuse years later results in: Depression, low self-esteem, anger, stress, anxiety, and in some cases of extreme trauma—physical sickness in the body.

All sexual abuse suppression has a natural way of releasing itself through some form of self-medication. Typically, sexually suppressed adults who never spoke out or told anyone about their sexual abuse end up emotionally destroyed and carry with them negative energy they did not anticipate having to deal with as adults.

This negativity causes the victim to self-medicate with such things as food, drugs, alcohol, over-the-counter medication, sex, and in some cases self-harm.

These adults did not report sexual abuse when they were children. There was no Child Protective Services involved. They did not know who court-appointed special advocates, or CASA volunteers, were, and there was no known need for a judge to defend them. They stayed silent to protect their religious beliefs, dignity, families, reputation, and lives. Their story didn’t concern wars between family members or court case battles between loved ones.

 As a matter of fact, in the majority of people, adult survivors of sexual abuse believe if they never spoke of the crime it would go away, or they would eventually forget the trauma. However, after years of not talking about their sexual abuse they suffered in other ways.

 Now, as adults who have experienced sexual relationships they have a better understanding of the vocabulary needed to define their past, and are willing to share their story.

 There are millions of people who suffer from sexual abuse suppression. Based on our statistics, every family in the United States has someone in their life affected by it.


There is a natural tendency for survivors to focus on what they should start doing immediately. But the harder question for The Justus Love Corporation is, what will we eliminate? The answer is simply that we will no longer push the truth under the rug and silence the epidemic of sexual abuse suppression. What we will stop doing is silencing the heroes of sexual abuse and ask you to do the same!

  • Find strength in your adversity.
  • Pledge accountability and become an advocate against sexual abuse suppression, so you will share your story when given the opportunity to inspire someone else.
  • Arm yourself with good information.Get support and maintain a direct line of communication with someone you trust.
  • Know your enemy, and stay away from that person!
  • Create a magic mirror or vision board, and write words of affirmation on it for you to appreciate about yourself … every day.
  • Pray with thanksgiving.
  • Always talk positive about yourself and others.
  • Avoid reacting like a victim.
  • Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more.
  • Expect greatness.
  • Always have a copy of our pocket-sized devotional Be Beautiful Being You nearby. It serves as a quick reference when you need to take a breather.

The most effective way survivors heal is through writing. Letter writing is therapeutic. So, ask yourself, “Do I owe myself an explanation?” We encourage you to stand back from the trauma and create a new perspective. Then, you can burn it if you want to. A letter written but not seen by anyone else is yours to do with what you want. However, if you would like to have your letter featured on our website, we would love to share it to help inspire another person to “Pray it out, write it out, speak it out™!”

 Send your letter to: contactstacyk@gmail.com

*Please note: your story will only be shared using your first name and age, for privacy reasons.

Stacy would be delighted to hear from you. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse and/or sexual suppression, please send a general e-mail about your story to justuslovemedia@gmail.com and include a brief description of your past and all the inspiration you’d like to share with our viewers. Visit,  Sit Down with StacyK for all the details.

Yes! We believe God is doing His greatest work yet. There are currently 42 million children who are Survivors of sexual abuse in the United States right now. That’s 42 million children who were once victims of sexual abuse protected by government agencies and programs designed to help them.

In the past, we did not have this protection offered, or we did not choose it, or perhaps we were silent because we did not talk about sex at all.

Nonprofit organizations, churches, individuals, and our government on local, city, and state levels joined together to make a stand when it came to protecting our children from sexual abuse, and The Justus Love Corporation is apart of this.

We create platforms for adult survivors of sexual abuse suppression to speak out. We are designed to bring together millions of survivors who stayed silent, and allow them to openly discuss their past in an informative, inspirational, and educational way.

Education and communication are vital to the expansion of our business. We ask everyone who visits our website to share with another person the JustUS® brand.

Whether you are a victim, survivor, friend,or fan visiting our website, please take a stand for JustUS®.

We are uniting millions of people worldwide, to stop suppressing and start speaking!

Yes! The Justus Love Corporation loves to give back- it is part of our DNA! Starting November 8, 2016, we are making an additional commitment to a simple system: You buy, we donate!

Every time you buy a copy of the book Be Beautiful Being You we donate a book to someone in need.

Since November 2014, we have been donating Be Beautiful Being You to our partner organizations, and have given away over 5,000 copies of the book, behind the scenes. Now, we are making a new commitment to match sales with donations - book for book of Be Beautiful Being You - giving you, our loyal friends and fans, a chance to participate.

The partners we donate to are Restoration House Ministries, a long time non-profit safe houses for young pregnant mothers with no place to turn, and Warriors Wives Refresh, who offer healing support for all Veteran Wives held annually in South Texas, and Perpetual Help Home, a Christian based organization helping women become productive members of society with transitional support.  Please visit our GIVING BACK section for more information and an opportunity to donate to these non-profits.

She is a spiritual woman who believes God is Love, and she is blessed with the spiritual gift of discernment. She is a hairstylist, author, entrepreneur, and the mother of two children. She is certified in behavioral modification and spent hundreds of hours mentoring adults who were sexually abused as children, but never spoke out or told anyone until they shared their story as adults. 

She was sexually abused at nine years old, became a mother at nineteen, was raped at twenty-two, and after she began therapy when she was twenty-four, she finally shared with a counselor her own sexual secrets of abuse. She was married for almost ten years until 2010, when her marriage failed because of emotional abuse caused by infidelity.

Now single, successful, and an advocate for sexual abuse suppression, she is an influential leader who made history in 2014 for creating the only YouTube® channel in the world where you can watch one-on-one interviews with survivors and hear them share their stories of inspiration with her. She founded JustUS® in 2014 and funded the complete start-up out of pocket with money she saved as a hairstylist.

The nickname StacyK came from her days as a morning talk show host at 95.1 KVIC, where she was labeled the relationship expert and answered letters and calls from listeners.

To find out more about StacyK, please visit HerStory for a complete bio.

The Justus Love Corporation CEO and founder, Stacy Snapp-Killian, its shareholders, and/or its employees take no responsibility for individual success or failure. They have a financial investment in the corporation, and it is their interest to protect the integrity of the JustUS® brand, and hold no responsibilities outside of financial obligations concerning the corporation.

The Justus Love Corporation is a brand built for survivors of sexual abuse and/or sexual abuse suppression designed to encourage people to talk about sexual abuse and/or sexual abuse suppression. We do not provide you with counseling, therapy, or any other emotional, mental, or physical need you may require. The information on our website www.justuslove.org is designed to provide general information related to our experiences as survivors of sexual abuse suppression and our business formation around the world. It is presented with the understanding that The Justus Love Corporation is not engaged in rendering advice or any other duty maintained by professional services offered through others as needed. If counseling or other professional assistance is required, the services of a licensed professional should be sought. Please, visit the GET HELP section on our website for future guidance should you need professional help concerning your past.

As a JustUS® customer, we promise you quality products that are educational, inspirational, and empowering. We provide a wide variety of merchandise including books, devotionals, T-shirts, journals, prayer stones, and jewelry. We are a direct-to-consumer brand and sell products that all signify spiritual protection and confidence. We will always strive to provide an excess of relevant information for every product on our site because we know being a survivor is a life-long commitment.

If you find that we've left something out, please, take a moment to reach us- we are open to suggestions.

It's easy to email us! We respond to all emails within 24 hours, excluding holidays.

We try to improve our site every single day, because we promise we are here for you, and we'll listen!


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