You’ve heard it many times before: It’s the inner beauty that counts.  

As a professional style and transformation expert, I can tell you, beauty really is an inside job.

How many of us stop to consider that our outer layer is merely a reflection of our inner thoughts?  My answer would be that a person who thinks highly of themselves is truly beautiful from the inside-out.  The sheer mention of their name can bring you joy. 

Camera lenses cannot capture it. 

Such beauty is not tangible.  

It cannot be acquired or consumed.  It’s something much deeper.  It’s an individual who draws people to them, and long after their looks fade, they still make people smile.

So what does beauty look like? It’s everlasting. 

Beautiful people know this has nothing to do with a certain height, weight, or waist size.  Beauty is defined by your character, and it is your character alone that will make your life happy or sad.  

Your looks don’t matter. 

Yes, there are thousands of cosmetic products (and procedures) out there to make the exterior physically appealing, but at the end of the day, it’s who you are as a person that people will remember you for. 

Your outer beauty will not sustain you in life. You don’t need to be good at sports. You don’t have to be popular with everyone. You don’t have to be the smartest, and you don’t have to know everything.  Those things are nice and useful and pleasing, but they won’t, by themselves, make you beautiful. 

I know, everyone has had one of those days where they don’t think they look good. However, if you’ve been thinking like that for a long time, it's time to change the way you think. 

This article will help you realize that the way you feel about yourself portrays to others just how beautiful you truly are. 

Love To really love yourself the way that you should, you have to know who you are. Not your ego, but your Higher Self. The part of you that is one with all things. It is the real you. The part of you that is unconditional Love. The part of you that doesn’t judge others, or yourself. It’s the part that knows that no one can hurt you, or lessen you. It is the part of you that has a connection to all knowledge. It is at peace with the universe, because it knows that everything is connected, and that we are all one. If you can learn to love yourself, this will reflect in your energy and everyone will see your beauty.

Acceptance The way you think about yourself is crucial. Realize everyone has something that no one else has. It’s true. That girl may be taller or blonder than you, but she can never be like you. You are unique just the way you are.  Blue eyes? Small figure? Red hair? Think about what you like about yourself, and focus on it. One of the building blocks to being beautiful inside and out is to practice accepting yourself. When you think a thought about something you give it energy, and that thought has an effect. Therefore, your opinion of yourself is very important because that is how you will be. You have to learn to accept the way you look is being who you are, and that makes you beautiful.

Happiness Be a friendly face and greet the world; your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and everyone whom you come in contact with. When you smile at people it shows gratitude and tells others you’re happy with your life. Say 'Thank You' with a heartfelt nod when someone holds a door open for you.  Say ‘You’re Welcome’ when someone thanks you.  Say “Bless You” when someone sneezes.   

People will feel worthy if you acknowledge their presences. So go ahead and smile at everyone you meet!

Experiences  All experiences can be used as a learning opportunity if we learn the lesson that our experiences are there to teach us. The more we mature, the more we know who we really are and what we’re capable of. So, use those memories to get to know your true self and realize what you have conquered and overcome. It’s difficult not to love yourself when you gain a realization of your past mistakes.  You cannot change the past, so accept it and realize you’re further today than you were yesterday, and those moments make you who you are.  It is important to look at yourself and see what you have accomplished, and if there is an attribute about yourself that you dislike, set a goal and change it.  

Definition  Live by your own personal belief and value systems. In most situations we, as individuals, know how we feel about a situation despite outside influences. Defining what our own personal beliefs are and living by those values will align the body and mind with the soul. You also will seem like a more genuine person to others if you practice what you preach. Truly achieving and becoming beautiful means that your character must go hand-in-hand with your values.

Defense Beauty is often described as being seen in the eye of the beholder, but true beauty is not just that which is seen; it's both inside and out. Contrary to popular belief, beauty is not just a gift that one is born with as a birthright, but one that is acquired through sometimes tedious work and diligence.  Don't let anyone tell you that you're not unique, awesome, and cool. Remember that the world only sees you from the outside, so tell them who you really are, and show them a subtext to your soul’s desire and spirit’s intent.  What other people think of you usually reflects what you think of yourself. So, surround yourself with people who compliment you, listen to you, and like who you are.



Also known as “celebrity hairstylist StacyK,” the 26-year veteran in the beauty business has authored two books: “Be Beautiful Being You”and “The Ten Character Commitments.” She is a part of the Women’s Leadership Movement, Toyota'sWomen That Soar” Community Outreach recipient, and one of the 100 World Changers recently selected for her intent on moving the world forward with her new branding concept created for sexual abuse survivors. Stacy is the founder of The Justus Love Corporation. It is an American multimedia company helping those on a mission to stop sexual abuse by sharing their story, and exposing sexual abuse suppression. The corporation unites “informative, inspirational individuals” with lifestyle and leadership goals. Its philosophy remains: “Our Words Give Life!”

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