Right now, in this moment of life, we recognize the greatest love story ever told. The spirit we have within us connecting to a Higher Power as we were created from birth to live, die, and be born again.

Love, often, is an array of feelings and emotions such as betrayal, deceit, death, forgiveness, passion, trust, and the list goes on and on. Through all the emotions and feelings love provides for us, there is one universal truth and that is that Love is God.

It’s true that love is blind and it can hurt. We also know love can heal and is the beginning and end of all living things.

The Resurrection sets Christianity apart.

No other religious leader has broken the power of death and conquered sin like a man named Jesus, known as, The Christ. Many skeptics say that to believe in a risen Christ is nothing more than a blind leap of faith with little or no basis in truth.

So, that leaves us to ask the question, ‘What is faith?’

It is a complete trust and confidence of someone or something.

It is knowing that something is real even if you can’t see it.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” writes the author of Hebrews.

So, when confronted with the facts, those who are intellectually honest have been forced to admit that the Resurrection is a historical event based on proof, living proof of life.

And we, as humans, have shared with our children and generations past the story of a Man, known as Jesus, and He is: The Living Christ. We have chosen to accept that the Resurrection represents the fulfillment of God’s purpose and the meaning of true love. The Resurrection is the absolute necessary conclusion to the whole event of the cross.

It conveys God’s final words -- not death, but life!

And, it emphasizes the early teachings of the apostles who believed that in order to live a peaceful life, you must “die” and be born again.

I believe.

The nature of life is understood in a variety of ways throughout history. Different interpretations have held more appeal for certain cultures or Christian traditions, but few people would argue there is a single "truth" and understanding in the message of salvation. The truth is, we all have a past and must carry “our own cross!”

The purpose and meaning of Salvation and Resurrection can be found in an authentic human who existed here, on Earth. A human who admits to failure, glorifies God, and lives to help one another.

We learn from Jesus Christ that Love comes from within, and you must first love yourself before you can love anyone else. The story of Jesus provides a very important principle for living, and the greatest of all people are those who understand that we must die in order to RISE UP and truly live.



Also known as “celebrity hairstylist StacyK,” the 26-year veteran in the beauty business has authored two books: “Be Beautiful Being You”and “The Ten Character Commitments.” She is a part of the Women’s Leadership Movement, Toyota'sWomen That Soar” Community Outreach recipient, and one of the 100 World Changers recently selected for her intent on moving the world forward with her new branding concept created for sexual abuse survivors. Stacy is the founder of The Justus Love Corporation. It is an American multimedia company helping those on a mission to stop sexual abuse by sharing their story, and exposing sexual abuse suppression. The corporation unites “informative, inspirational individuals” with lifestyle and leadership goals. Its philosophy remains: “Our Words Give Life!”

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