The holiday season has always been my favorite time of the year.

Not only for the twinkling of colorful lights and decorations, but for the true meaning of Christmas -- The Spirit of Christmas.

So, what is the Spirit of Christmas and where does it come from?

I believe it comes from the life of a man named Jesus, known as the Christ. But, to better understand what I’m writing about, it’s important for you to know whom I’m talking about.

Jesus didn’t write an autobiography. In fact, he left nothing in writing at all. He committed himself and His teaching simply to the hearts and memories of the men who knew and loved Him. And they did not fail Him.

Within four little books we know as the Gospels, found written in the Book of Life, are primary and practical sources of information about the life and behaviors that changed the world lived by Jesus, The Christ. Each of these historical memoirs are written with a purpose of introducing The Savior to our lives with a clear, distinct portrait of the Spirit of a Man.

This is very important for us today because Jesus is the meaning for the Season, and the true meaning of Christmas in found in His life. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were not only the authors who knew Jesus and wrote about Him, but they also were His Disciples and followed Him. They said He was a Master who led others to live a righteous life. He practiced forgiveness and preached above all things; “Thou shalt Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is: 'Love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22: 37-38 (KJV)

In their views, Jesus is the necessary reason that people believe in God and would commit their lives to doing better for themselves and helping others. Jesus was the embodiment of true love by being the Son of God, which means He believed in others and wanted what was best for their lives. He healed the sick, helped the poor, and pitied those who had nothing -- by giving them everything He had.

Jesus is known as the Living Christ because of His goodwill toward man.

The true meaning of Christmas is found in the Spirit of Christ. Family, friends, and neighbors often show the greatest examples of this when thinking of one another during the holidays. Often, Christmas is a time for family, but it also is a time when people reach out to their neighbors and strangers by giving those gifts and goodies. This is bigger than any amount of money spent, and this is one present you cannot open, you cannot purchase, and you cannot find. Because, it is the gift of life.

To me, Christmas means spending time with those you love and who love you. But also, it’s important to love those around you. It’s not about presents, as a lot of children think. It’s about enjoying the time you have on Earth by being in the presence of people. Most importantly, it’s about forgetting those bad feelings you might be harboring about someone and celebrating the gift of life itself.

When we keep the Spirit of Christmas alive, we keep the Spirit of Christ alive. For Christmas Spirit is Christ’s spirit, and it blocks all distractions of everyday living.

When this time of year rolls around, all of the sudden what seemed to bother us and worry us, has very little meaning, if any at all. This time of year turns this planet into a loving, caring, and forgiving celebration of the Holidays. It’s the Spirit of the Season when people show goodwill toward each other, and that goodwill changes the entire atmosphere into a place of harmony and peace. Christmas is about finding true humanity and being selfless toward one another, and when we do this, we become the body of Christ.

Here’s a list of what being Christ-like during the holidays means to my family.

  • “I get an Angel from the tree in the mall every year and save my money to buy gifts for a child less fortunate than me.”
    • “My family and I volunteer at the Holiday feast every year and spend time serving food and visiting with the homeless”
    • “I do operation Christmas Child every year by putting Christmas boxes together and then they send them to third-world countries.”
    • “I fill baskets with homemade goodies and slippers and take them to the nursing home every year.”
    • “I make stockings and fill them with toys for a children’s ministry each year and they give them to inner-city children.”
    • “I get an Angel from the animal tree. It has the animal’s picture on it, and I buy toys and snacks for the animal and get to play with them when I deliver it to the shelter.”
    • “I make reindeer snacks which consist of crunched up chocolate covered pretzels and tag a note of goodwill to the bag and leave them in the mailboxes of my neighbors.”
  • “I give a box of school supplies to the teachers at school so they can stock up for their students.”



Also known as “celebrity hairstylist StacyK,” the 26-year veteran in the beauty business has authored two books: “Be Beautiful Being You”and “The Ten Character Commitments.” She is a part of the Women’s Leadership Movement, Toyota'sWomen That Soar” Community Outreach recipient, and one of the 100 World Changers recently selected for her intent on moving the world forward with her new branding concept created for sexual abuse survivors. Stacy is the founder of The Justus Love Corporation. It is an American multimedia company helping those on a mission to stop sexual abuse by sharing their story, and exposing sexual abuse suppression. The corporation unites “informative, inspirational individuals” with lifestyle and leadership goals. Its philosophy remains: “Our Words Give Life!”

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