Let’s face it, Christmas is the perfect time of the year to get together with family and friends. 

But often, because of all the hassle, we don’t make time to enjoy the holidays. It’s normal to be stressed over the purchase of gifts, lights short circuiting on the Christmas tree, and whether or not the menu contains enough food for everyone!   

But, year after year, we bog ourselves down with unnecessary concerns involving Christmas and before we know it, the season has passed and we’re packing away all the decorations.  Everyday can’t be Christmas, so while it’s here enjoy the season and don’t sweat the small stuff! Here are a few suggestions to help you walk away from the holidays feeling good.

The Christmas TreeTake away the cell phones and decorate the Christmas tree together, as a family! It’s important to come together and decorate the appearance of this tree.  Between strands of lights and boxes full of ornaments compiled together over the years, everyone’s involvement means a lot to the memory spent decorating the tree.   Opening those boxes to find the work of your children’s hand-made treasures while they were in grade school reminds every one of the importance their hard work meant. By displaying the projects, you share a sense of togetherness, even though the ornament doesn’t match a thing!  Pop some popcorn! No matter how old you are, stringing popcorn together is a fun activity that requires extra time focused on the tree.   And decorating the Christmas tree becomes even more enjoyable as the project turns into a weeklong adventure rather than putting it all together in one day.    One of the greatest memories ever made is when the family gathers around the Christmas tree.  The glitter of ornaments and all the lights twinkling brings a family closer, and that’s a beautiful thing!

Caroling Seriously, you wouldn’t slam the door in someone’s face offering such a grand deed -- even if they couldn’t sing.  So get your friends together and use this as your excuse to meet the neighbors.  It’s like spreading good cheer the old-fashioned way.  Make some copies of your favorite Christmas carols, so everyone has the words to each song in front of them, and sing, sing, sing.  The smile on everyone’s faces when your neighbor opens the door will bring laughter and tears in a good way.   Seeing a family do fun things together is beautiful, and it shares with others good cheer for the holidays.  Besides, everyone loves to be serenaded.

Entertainment What to do, what to do, what to do during the holiday?  That’s the question most asked, and usually people find themselves bored after watching all their favorite Christmas movies.  But, watching Christmas lights is a wonderful way to spend an evening.  Search for neighborhoods that have lights displayed on their houses and map out an adventure with your family.  Turn on the Christmas music, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and roll down the windows, with your scarf on I might add, and set out to find the best decorated house in your city.  I’m sure if you politely knock on the front door, during normal-evening hours, and asked to take a selfie with the homeowner's light display, they’d appreciate you recognizing their hard work and laugh at your fun side! Say cheese and feel beautiful taking selfies with your family in front of the lights. 

Shopping Everyone loves the hustle and bustle of the holidays, so a trip to the mall can be fun! Gather everyone up and head to the food court and people watch.  This can be quite entertaining as shoppers come together searching for that last-minute item on their Christmas list.  Besides, most malls have other activities during the holidays as a way of keeping their guests entertained.  Ice skating rinks, train rides, and a place for children to gather and meet Santa have become quite popular through the season.  So, plan your shopping ahead of time and don’t get lost in the crowd!  Make yourself feel beautiful inside and out because this is a great place to wish everyone a Merry Christmas as they pass by.

Celebrate Throw a holiday party, and when I say holiday, I mean HOLLYWOOD!  Plan a Christmas, Hollywood Party and invite your friends and family to be the celebrities.  The house will already be decorated to fit the theme, so throw on a little “Rocking around the Christmas tree” and celebrate! Have a gift exchange, but emphasize that the process of giving is receiving and a good laugh outt’a make the fun clear to everyone that this year’s focus of your gift exchange is not about money but the “loot” taken from their houses.  Let them know you expect a goofy presentation to go along with the gift!  Then, close off the evening by gathering everyone outside for the reading of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” You can assign all your guest a page to read from the story as the book gets passed throughout the crowd.   Everyone loves a reason to dress up and what better reason than the Christmas season to feel beautiful dressed up for the holidays. 



Also known as “celebrity hairstylist StacyK,” the 26-year veteran in the beauty business has authored two books: “Be Beautiful Being You”and “The Ten Character Commitments.” She is a part of the Women’s Leadership Movement, Toyota'sWomen That Soar” Community Outreach recipient, and one of the 100 World Changers recently selected for her intent on moving the world forward with her new branding concept created for sexual abuse survivors. Stacy is the founder of The Justus Love Corporation. It is an American multimedia company helping those on a mission to stop sexual abuse by sharing their story, and exposing sexual abuse suppression. The corporation unites “informative, inspirational individuals” with lifestyle and leadership goals. Its philosophy remains: “Our Words Give Life!”

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