The JustUS® Brand Launches New Website to Serve Survivors' of Sexual Abuse Suppression

Date: Monday, November 7, 2016


Helping people live better lives through inspiration and liberation.

 VICTORIA, Texas, November 8, 2016—

Millions of Americans have suffered sexual abuse. Many suppress that trauma, leading to emotional issues, physical problems and self-destructive behaviors. Healing can be a lifelong struggle.

Stacy Snapp-Killian, a survivor of suppressed sexual abuse herself, has spent more than two decades helping others with similar experiences: at first, one-on-one, as a hair stylist, confidante and unofficial therapist; later, for a wider audience, as a speaker, columnist and book author. Pursuing her mission over those years, “StacyK” interviewed and drew out the stories of hundreds of survivors who, like her, were able to overcome sexual abuse suppression.

But she wanted to do even more. She asked herself, “What’s the most effective, efficient way—on a mass scale—to help lift people out of their negative, suppressed feelings over the abuse they suffered? To awaken and build up their sense of being successful survivors instead of surrendering to the feeling that they’re helpless victims?”

With that motivation, StacyK founded The Justus Love Corporation and established the JustUS™ brand, dedicated to teaching people who have been sexually abused how to raise their voices as survivors and free themselves from the damaging effects of emotional hiding the suppression.

“Our purpose here on Earth is to unite people who have suppressed their feelings in the aftermath of sexual abuse and inspire them to live richer lives by celebrating the survival stories of others just like them,” says StacyK. “We want nothing less than to change the cultural attitudes surrounding sexual abuse in America—and change the stigma society unfairly imposes on those who have survived sexual abuse.”

Digital Messaging for the Masses

To achieve this ambitious goal, StacyK is taking a unique and unconventional approach. She has built a website featuring an illustrated avatar—blond, cheerful, welcoming. The site provides “infotainment,” educational and media services, and even merchandise, all aimed at motivating people to embrace—and overcome—their struggle with suppressed sexual abuse.

At the heart of the website is an extensive collection of video interviews with survivors of sexual abuse, who share their story to bring awarness to sexual abuse suppression, expanding on StacyK’s YouTube channel ( ). “These intimate conversations are not only inspirational in showing how people can successfully overcome past suppression of sexual abuse, they’re also very entertaining,” says StacyK. “I’ve been able to get people to trust me and open up with their personal stories. These individuals represent an empathetic, accessible, celebratory online community where other survivors of sexual abuse suppression can get motivated to rise above their own trauma and take charge of their life’s journey.”

The video interviews feature both men and women, ages 26 to 62. Their shared message is not to be defined by their pasts, but rather to believe in their own integrity and forge ahead to a successful future. One interviewee, Alan Keith, struggled for years of self-hatred, alcoholism and drug abuse after suffering sexual assault as a child, but was able to shed his demons, ultimately becoming a successful art gallery executive and children’s book author.

“It was empowering to open up to StacyK,” says Keith. “Sharing your story helps open your eyes and realize it’s really not your fault. Getting out of the ‘victim’ role let me take back my life.”

“In discussions on sexual abuse, I’ve found that people tend to focus more on the heinous acts of the abusers than the survivors,” says StacyK. “I don’t! I share their stories with a total emphasis of their perseverance and courage over the long-term—these people aren’t victims anymore, they are heroes!” 

Resources for Education and Help

To help get its message out, the JustUS® organization provides its own media production services for television and the Internet. It produces content not only in the form of interviews with survivors of sexual abuse but also through StacyK’s appearances with athletes, politicians, television personalities and other celebrities.

The JustUS® website will also provide survivors of sexual abuse suppression with access to a wide variety of educational resources, from self-help videos and live motivational speeches, to articles and books, to seminars, workshops and conferences supported by extensive written materials.

There is also a “Get Help” section, where sexual abuse survivors can access additional outside resources.

Throughout the content on the JustUS® website run themes of faith, spirituality, self-enrichment and well-being for the mind, body and soul.


Another way the JustUS® brand tries to help survivors of sexual abuse overcome the suppression of their trauma and take ownership over their lives is through that all-American pastime…shopping!

The JustUS® website offers a range of products—including books, devotionals, jewelry, journals, prayer stones and tee shirts—that emphasize self-empowerment, spirituality and inspiration. “We went through survivors stories to create just the right designs and wording for our products,” says StacyK. “Our items are exceptionally tasteful, as well as a high-quality.”

“Educating America about sexual abuse suppression is a big ambition and a tremendous challenge,” continues StacyK. “Using a direct-to-consumer shopping experience as an extension of the inspirational and educational content helps us make the journey lighter and more inspiring for our audience.” The merchandise is designed not only for sexual abuse survivors themselves, but also for their families, friends and anyone else who is sympathetic to supporting the cause.

About Sexual Abuse Suppression

The suppression of sexual abuse refers to the conscious mind’s efforts to keep sexual abuse hidden and private, although the person is aware that unresolved pain is there, down deep. It is a natural way to mentally and emotionally detach oneself from the trauma of abuse and its aftermath.

After working with hundreds of adults who suppressed the truth about their sexual abuse, StacyK came to realize that, although these survivors could acknowledge something terribly wrong had been done to them, they did not have the education, vocabulary or experience to articulate the incident. That silence was a significant part of the power that the suppression held over them. And the unexpressed emotion would all too often lead to depression, over-eating, drug and alcohol abuse, porn addiction and other self-destructive behaviors.  This led StacyK down the path to creating JustUS® —helping survivors of sexual abuse break their silence, express their suppressed feelings, shed the darkness of their trauma, and overcome the obstacles that suppression had thrown into the path of their life.

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