“Women That Soar” Awards Taps Talent of Celebrity Hairstylist, “StacyK”

Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2016


DALLAS, Texas, November 9, 2016—

Since 2008, Women That Soar, LLChas celebrated the lives of women, aiming to inspire others—from all cultural, social, economic and racial backgrounds—to be confident in their own abilities and pursue their own dreams. This year’s Women That Soar Awards will take place on Sunday, November 13, at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas. The show will also air on December 11, 2016, on CBS stations in five markets.

Celebrity hairstylist Stacy Snapp-Killian (“StacyK”) has been selected as part of the show’s “glam squad” team. Stacy will make several show honorees “red carpet-ready,” including: veteran TV producer Meredith Walker; Fast Signs CEO Catherine Monson, whose story was featured on an episode of “Undercover Boss;” and Heather McDonald, the actress, comedian and author best known for her E! television series, who is the host of this year’s Women That Soar Awards.

StacyK is not only a hairstylist with a growing list of celebrity clients, she is also the author of two books (“Be Beautiful Being You” and “The Ten Character Commitments”) and the CEO of The Justus Love Corporation, with an inspiring success story herself.

“After many years of supporting and leading causes for women’s empowerment, it is an incredible honor to be selected as the hairstylist for the Woman That Soar Awards,” said StacyK. “I’m humbled to be amongst these women—a small town girl who made good. It’s been a dream and goal of mine since I started in the hairstyling business to work with celebrity clients, especially in the entertainment industry.”

“StacyK has sacrificed a lot of her personal time to support us, as well as starting her own company to help empower women, so she is the perfect choice to be our official hairstylist,” said Gina Grant, CEO of Women That Soar.

“When I first met Gina three years ago,” said StacyK, “I saw that her organization was in line with the mission of my own company—the Justus Love Corporation—created for both men and women survivors of sexual abuse suppression. I also had two decades worth of experience in the beauty business, so I volunteered my time and talents for Women That Soar Media and began to build relationships there.”

With Women that Soar Media, StacyK began working with prominent clients like Katy Murphy Davis, the Emmy Award-winning producer of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and Angela Molloy, vice president of development for WEtv.

Many people want to know what “looks” StacyK might be aiming to create for the many celebrities on the Women That Soar red carpet.

“As far as specific hair styles, I’m not going in with any preconceived notions; everyone's hair has a ‘mind of its own’ and I do whatever the hair tells me to do. More important, I want everyone to feel comfortable in my presence —just like all my regular clients do,” said StacyK. “At this level, working with high-profile clients, trust is most important.”




More About The Justus Love Corporation

Stacy Snapp-Killian (“StacyK”) has spent more than two decades helping survivors of suppressed sexual abuse: at first, one-on-one, as a hair stylist, confidante and unofficial therapist; later, for a wider audience, as a speaker, columnist and book author. To help lift even more people out of their negative, suppressed feelings over the abuse they suffered, StacyK became the grassroots founder of the sexual abuse suppression movement in 2013, created the Justus Love Corporation in 2015 establishing the only brand in the world for survivors of sexual abuse suppression, JustUS™.

The JustUS™ website (www.justuslove.org) also provides a wide variety of educational resources for survivors of sexual abuse, including survivors’ videos and letters, self-help books, articles and merchandise, all aimed at motiving survivors to embrace—and overcome—their struggles with suppressed feelings.

Central to the JustUS™ message are themes of faith, spirituality, self-enrichment and well-being for the mind, body and soul. CEO/Founder StacyK, a survivor of sexual abuse suppression herself, believes healing is a lifelong commitment and she built the Justus Love Corporation to help withstand the battle.

More About Woman That Soar

The mission of Women That Soar is to empower and encourage all women to feel confident in their unique talents and capabilities, to understand the power of unity and to be strong in their journeys to productive, enriched lives. By bringing together a diverse group of women to honor and celebrate those who have charted their own paths to successful and rewarding lives, Women That Soar uses the stories of those women to bring clarity of purpose to women who are just starting their journeys or are stuck somewhere along the way. Women That Soar has exposed hundreds of thousands of women to powerful stories that encourage self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self-discipline, innovation and courageous pursuit of their dreams. A central message is one of inclusiveness and appreciation for the value of community, collaboration and service. Building leaders and innovators, one woman at a time. 

For a complete list of this year’s Woman That Soar Awards honorees, please visit http://womenthatsoar.com/2016-awards-show/. Co-hosting the show along withHeather McDonald will be Kevin Frazier of “Entertainment Tonight,” with performances by Grammy-winning recording artist Wynonna Judd and the pop/R&B trio En Vogue. Among other celebrities in attendance will be legendary Hollywood producer Reuben Cannon, “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard, LeeAnn Locken, one of Bravo’s “Housewives of Dallas” and many more.



Stacy K