Dear StacyK,

I just want to say that you are very brave and strong.

I too was sexually abused by a family member for almost two years of my childhood. I suppressed the shame and pain till one day I told my friend. I was nine years old when all this happened. The pain lingers and sometimes resurfaces through heartache.

At seventeen years old I was date-raped by my first boyfriend, and because of his threats to my life I believed when he said he would kill me for speaking out that he would. He weakened my self-worth, and I chose to stay with him for years because I was scared no one else would want me.

I grew up knowing Jesus as my personal Savior, and now that I am in my thirties I am no longer ashamed of my past. I have been delivered! In fact I like to share my testimony with people. I believe it will inspire and help make change in their lives. I once played the victim and liked for people to feel sorry for me and used my past in this way, but now that is never the case. I share my story to let others know that if it were not for God I would have stayed a victim and fallen to prostitution, drugs, etc. Like other men and women who use these things to ease their pain, I did too.

I hope whoever runs across this letter realizes sexual abuse is about finding your own strength to survive your worst fear. Thank you for your courage. You truly are my inspiration.

Neeca- 31 years old

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