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One of the first things anyone learns about Wanda Means is that she has a big mouth . . . and is not afraid to use it. Wanda will talk about anything that others are uncomfortable talking about because she is brash, honest, and real. She is also a mother, coach, athlete, blogger, volunteer, adventurer, ex-wife, successful real estate developer, a decent cook, and exhausted most of her time. The final thing to learn about Wanda is that she is a survivor of sexual molestation and developed according to what she likes to call “a Tri-Fecta of F*ckedupness”: childhood sexual molestation, the betrayal of my mother, and the rejection of her father. 

Watch as Wanda "Sits Down with StacyK," and shares the travesties culminated in her most impressionable years and how they continued to impact other decisions she made into her young adult life.  She doesn't want childhood sexual abuse to be an uncomfortable subject any longer and went on to explain,"Can you imagine how the child, who is forced to do unthinkable acts, feels? I sure as hell do!!! I’m not afraid to talk about it, but I am afraid of what happens if I don’t. I want it to be everyday conversation and to let this taboo subject out of the closet. That is why they call me “One Blunt Woman,” says Wanda Means.

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