2017 The Justus Love Corporation launches “JUSTUSbiopix™”

Date: Thursday, April 20, 2017


WORLDWIDE-  The Justus Love Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of survivors’ stories of sexual abuse beginning Friday, September 8. JUSTUSbiopix™, on YouTube® and their website, justuslove.org, will feature successful, passionate short films, along with the unique careers these survivors of sexual abuse developed to help others because of their own past. These are interviews you can’t watch anywhere else.

“We understand a survivor’s success and reflect those triumphs by offering contemporary, short films that clearly differ from what is traditionally produced in other media outlets on the topic of sexual abuse,” says Stacy Snapp-Killian, CEO of the company. “These new, expanded 20-minute films will bring unity for all people and important information you should know before profiling someone who has been sexually abused. We’re excited to make this announcement, as we are the first multimedia company of this sort and have come to leave our mark on the world.”

“We offer real commentary and authenticity to the topic of sexual abuse and bring awareness to sexual abuse suppression,” says Snapp-Killian. “JUSTUSbiopix™ presents stories in an informative, inspirational way while never failing to empower our viewers.”

The Justus Love Corporation was founded in 2013 by Stacy Snapp-Killian, also known as celebrity hairstylist StacyK, who then created the brand JustUS® in 2014 and JUSTUSbiopix™ due to release in September 2017; both are divisions of the Justus Love Corporation. JUSTUSbiopix™ are informative short films featuring the unique careers of survivors of sexual abuse. These interviews reflect the strength of successful businessmen and women who have gained back power over their lives by taking ownership of their past.

Recognized for her community involvement in her hometown of Victoria, Texas, Stacy is a member of the Women’s Leadership Movement. She is the personal hairstylist for Women That Soar Media, providing services to celebrities and talent for events and televised award shows. She is the grassroots founder of the sexual abuse suppression movement and launched the “Love” campaign in 2013. Stacy has volunteered thousands of hours mentoring adult survivors of sexual abuse, and empowered hundreds of men and women to share their stories. Through this process, she has authored two books—Be Beautiful Being You, and her most recent release, The Ten Character Commitments.

MEDIA CONTACT: justuslovemedia@gmail.com

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