In her second book, Author “StacyK” continues her life mission to advocate for survivors'

Date: Tuesday, December 20, 2016


The New Book “The Ten Character Commitments” Offers an Inspiring Life Approach to Empower Women

VICTORIA, Texas, December 21, 2016—

It’s no secret that many women share their deepest, darkest secrets with their hairdressers—including their most intimate experiences with abuse. The state of Illinois actually has a law requiring hairdressers to receive regular training on how to recognize the signs of domestic abuse and sexual assault, as recently reported in The New York Times. Stacy Snapp-Killian (“StacyK”) is one hairstylist who realized a long time ago that the intimate stories of her clients—and her own story—could serve a greater good.

StacyK’s mission in life is to help people face and overcome their past encounters with sexual abuse—particularly when those experiences have been suppressed. Along her journey, StacyK has become not only a successful hair stylist with celebrity clients, but also an author, advice columnist, public speaker and YouTube® channel host. She founded the only “infotainment” brand in the world—JustUS®—for survivors of sexual abuse to share their success stories, all aimed at inspiring people with themes of faith, well-being and self-enrichment.

The latest addition to StacyK’s motivational message is a book entitled “The Ten Character Commitments.” It provides practical guidance, grounded in faith and spirituality, on taking control over and moving forward with your life, no matter what obstacles you may have encountered in your past.

“We all face storms in our lives—our journeys are far from perfect,” says StacyK. “We can’t change the past so we must learn that success depends on how you choose to move forward, without letting the past define you, and that means- even if this brings forth pain.”

“Taking control over your life starts with an honest assessment of who you are,” continues StacyK. “You don’t need to be perfect, but you have to be real. Then you focus on the here and now, and how you interact with people. To accomplish that, it is really helpful to have an explicit philosophy on conducting your life. My hope is that The Ten Character Commitments serves as a blueprint to help motivate people to move forward in a positive direction.”

StacyK writes with an upbeat, entertaining voice, underpinned by faith in God, but without sanctimony. “The Ten Character Commitments” draw substantially from New Testament ideals, with a savvy, modern sensibility that reflects StacyK’s spirituality—and passion for helping others in today’s world. The 10 commitments are: compassion, spirit, happiness, perseverance, words, integrity, forgiveness, humility, courage, and confidence.

“Committing to these principals with your whole heart, mind and soul can lead you to a great place,” says StacyK. “My message to readers is: make a solemn pledge to treat yourself and others according to these principals—don’t hold back!”   

The 133-page hard-cover first edition of “The Ten Character Commitments” is available for $24.95 at

More About StacyK and The Justus Love Corporation Stacy Snapp-Killian (“StacyK”) has spent more than two decades helping survivors of suppressed sexual abuse: at first, one-on-one, as a hair stylist, confidante and unofficial therapist; later, for a wider audience, as a speaker, columnist and book author. To help lift even more people out of their negative, suppressed feelings over the abuse they suffered, StacyK became the grassroots founder of the sexual abuse suppression movement in 2013 and founded the Justus Love Corporation in 2014, establishing JustUS® as the only brand in the world dedicated to survivors of sexual abuse and brings awareness to sexual abuse suppression.

The JustUS® website ( provides a wide variety of educational resources to motivate survivors.

As a survivor of sexual abuse suppression herself, StacyK knows healing is a lifelong commitment. She founded the Justus Love Corporation, and serves as its CEO, to help others withstand the battle.



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