Survivor of sexual abuse Shonna Montfort speaks out about the vivid memories of her childhood. Once molested around the age of five by a sixty-year-old family member, she never felt safe as a child, which carried on into her teens. Watch her sit down with StacyK and open up about how her life path took her down a road that led her to a lake with three boys from her church, who raped her and left her on the side of the road, naked, at 3:00 in the morning. Years of suppressing the sexual traumas of her life brought about bouts of homelessness, sleeping in parks, laundromats, and abandoned houses, and living off whatever change she could find.

Watch as Shonna shares with you her family and farm, and how she turned her trials and tribulations into a ministry for God.

For more information about Shonna’s ministry, visit her on facebook at: toknowmejesus